Watch: Google’s Modular Phone Is Coming This Fall

Remember project ARA by Google? The modular phone that allows you to grab certain parts and put them together to form a phone? It’s about to get released this year.

The modular phone will be handed down to the developers this fall. This was announced during the I/O developer conference last week by Google.

Google’s ARA is a phoneblocks project that is quite similar to other Android powered phones. But this phone puts a lot of emphasis on modular design. This means, instead of buying a new phone just because you need a better battery can now be avoided altogether by buying a new and powerful battery module as soon as it gets released. Similarly, want a better camera on your phone? Go get a new camera module and you are good to go.

The phone’s frame is designed to give you independence by allowing you to put together important modules to form a phone. It is as easy as changing cartridges in an Atari console.

Google has just released a new video showing the possibilities of the Project ARA. Watch below

If the project goes right, it may change the smartphone market forever. Users will no longer be forced to upgrade their phone for a new screen or better processor, there will module/parts available that you can simply plug and play.

The phone will be released to the public soon after the developers get their hands this Fall.