Two New Startups Aim To Offer You Dhobi Services In A Slightly Different Way

Two new separate laundry services have been launched in Islamabad and Lahore. Dhobi online and Dhobi Saab aim to help bachelors and other lonely folk out there who can’t deal with the daily laundry.

Dhobi online, the startup in Islamabad can be reached through their phone number to request services. They claim to offer very cost effective services with a 2 day deadline when they pick your clothes for laundry. Upon calling them, you can request for an agent to come and pick your cloths. You can also inspect their identity if you have doubts.

Similarly, Dhobi Saab is another startup in lahore which offers the same services. They offer dry cleaning on top of washing clothes per your requirement.

Both startups offer a variety of laundry services which are not only affordable, but are also quite professional.

You can also order the services through their websites.

For rates, check out below:

Dhobi Online Price list



Dhobi Saab Price list