Meet The Indian Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself While Taking A Selfie With A Pistol

An Indian Teenager earlier this week was fatally injured when he accidentally shot himself in the head while taking a selfie with his father’s gun. The teen has now been pronounced dead.

15 year old Ramandeep Singh was posting for a selfie with his elder sister when he accidentally pulled the trigger of the gun instead of clicking for the selfie.

He was immediately taken to a nearby private hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab. After spending two days in the hospital, the teen was pronounced dead.

This isn’t the first time someone has died due to taking selfie. In India and across the world, several others have died while posing for a selfie in dangerous situations.

India has overtaken the U.S in 2016 to become the largest smartphone market. The country now has over 220 million smartphone users, just a bit behind China.

Also Indian gun law allows it’s citizens to purchase firearms if they have a government issued license. Although, the process of acquiring guns is expensive and difficult, there are still six million registered guns in India. It is also estimated that about 40 million illegal arms exist in the country.

Next time you’re about to get a little creative with your selfie taking skills, think about this teen and all the other people who have succumbed to death for not being careful.