Infinix To Enter Wearables With Smartwatch XBand

Technology has come a far way. With smartphones already becoming part of our daily lives for millions of people in the world, smart technology is expanding gradually to take on other forms.

The smartwatch technology is relatively new but it is becoming more and more popular everyday with big names like Apple and Samsung producing their signature wearables.

Now a new smartphone developing company Infinix is ready to enter the competition of smart wearable technology with their first ever smartwatch offering.


Last year, it was rumored that infinix would launch their own smartwatch. Now that rumor has become reality as the company has revealed the first images and product preview video to the public.

The smartwatch by Infinix will first hit Kenya and Nigeria than it will move to the global market. The video shows a short preview of the watch.

Like every other smartwatch, the Infinix Xband will work with smartphone devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to control a number of applications and listen to music at the same time.

Currently there are no details available that tell us whether the smartwatch will work with other smartphones than Infinix’s own.

As far as the availability of the watch in Pakistan goes, there is no release date announced yet. But whenever it comes here, be sure to checkout, the official retailer of Infinix products.