Indian Woman Slashes Husband’s Fingers With Kitchen Knife For Checking Her Phone Without Permission

Recently, UAE fined a woman 150,000 Dhirams and ordered her to be deported for checking his phone without his permission.

In India, the roles were changed but similar stuff happened when a woman decided to act extremely by cutting of her husband’s fingers for checking her phone without her permission.

The incident took place in Bengaluru when an IT professional was forcefully trying to check his wife’s phone. The smartphone addicted wife took this as an extreme offense and attacked him with a knife.

During their argument, things went so crazy that the woman slashed off the fingers of her husband. He also endured several injuries.

Both of them have now officially lodged in complains against each other and the police has been summoned in an attempt to patch them up through their parents.

The couple have been married for 7 years.