Google Maps Now Support Turn-By-Turn Navigation In Pakistan

After the recent introduction of real time traffic updates by Google, turn-by-turn voice navigation is finally here in Pakistan. The Google voice navigation is still in beta and is offered through the Google Maps apps on Android phones. In order to use the feature, you need to have the latest update of Google Maps app.

Pakistani people have long been craving a proper voice turn by turn navigation system that is pretty common in developed western countries. There has been no proper navigation system in Pakistan until now.


The Google turn by turn voice navigation will offer you automatic voice navigation which will be updated in real time. That means, if some roads are blocked or a diversion is in place, you will automatically be guided to avoid that area.

You can also download the map of your local area to receive offline turn by turn navigation. But remember, navigating offline is not done in real time.

In order to activate this feature on your phone, simply download the latest Google Maps app and when it asks you to turn on Google Map Navigation, simply press accept.