This Startup In Rawalpindi Gives You A Home Like Workspace For Just Rs.5000

Like co-working?

Tired of working in a typical office environment?

Or are you a guy freelancing at home with no office space?

All these problems now have a solution!

Enter Launchpad7, a new startup based in Rawalpindi providing co-working space which replicates a home-like working space. The startup offers a shared workspace where like minded people can come in and work together. It provides all the necessary facilities you’ll ever need. But these facilities and the workspace itself comes in a price.

If you are interested, you can take up membership with Launchpad7 and avail their space, facilities and services under the following packages:

Blue Membership (RS.5000) – You get access to the events, workspace access with limited hours and access to gadgets.

Yellow Membership – (RS.10000) – You get access to events, entire day access to workspace with a hot desk, access to the meeting room, access to the cafeteria and access to relaxing room.

Green Membership – (RS.15000) – You get access to the meeting room, access to the events, entire day access to a fixed spot in the workspace, access to relaxing room and access to the cafeteria.

In addition to providing all these, Launchpad7 also holds weekly activities in technology and management along with many different training sessions plus mentoring dinners with CEOs of organizations that are already working in the field.

You can sign up with Launchpad7 by visiting here and filling the form up.