‘Proper Good’ Vending Machines Are Coming To Pakistan

Vending machines are quite normal all over the world. In Pakistan, you do come across vending machines now and then, but how many of them actually work?

A lot of vending machines installed in Pakistan are manually operated by a worker which defeats the purpose of installing a vending machine in the first place.

Now a startup from Karachi is about to change that.

TechnoSync Solutions has just won $20m of IBL operations to establish a network of ‘proper good’ vending machines all over the country. The startup aims to install as many as 5,000 machines at various places like hospitals, universities, public places and organisations.

The purpose behind the installation of these vending machines is simple; to turn retail business into an automated and digitalised form.

TechnoSync Solutions believe it will take them around 5 years to reach the peak. The vending machines will give out products like cold drinks, snacks and chocolates. These machines are being imported from Russia.

The project aims to cover 66 cities in all of Pakistan.